Section 4: Contract Time

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Beginning Working Day Charges

Unless otherwise shown in the contract, the contractor has the option to begin work any time within the 30 calendar days after the authorization to begin work. Begin working day charges when the work begins or 30 calendar days after the authorization to begin work, whichever is earlier.

In some cases, the contract will include a provision to allow for extending the beginning of time charges on the contract beyond the standard 30 calendar days. When the contract includes a delayed start time provision, act in accordance with the contract provisions.

For contracts with work orders, such as a traffic signal project, begin working day charges as established for each individual work order.

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Computation of Contract Time

In accordance with Section 8.3.1, “Working Day Charges,” of the Standard Specifications, assume time is to be charged based upon the standard workweek method unless otherwise specified in the contract (General Notes, Item 8). Other possible methods include the following.

Do not suspend working day charges without suspending work, wholly or in part.

For five-, six- or, seven-day workweek and calendar-day contracts, do not consider weather conditions or materials availability when suspending working day charges.

Do not suspend working day charges or grant additional contract working days for activities relating to handling hazardous material delivered by the Contractor.

Consider adjusting the number of contract working days by change order under extraordinary circumstances. When reducing scope on a project, reduction in working days may be discussed.

Work on Sundays must be requested for all projects except calendar-day and seven-day workweek projects.

For a standard workweek project, allow the Contractor the option of working on state holidays.

For five-, six- or, seven-day workweek contracts, do not allow the Contractor to perform work on national holidays unless requested in writing for all project workweeks. Provide written authorization to the Contractor if work will be allowed on a national holiday. See the following table for a list of national holidays, as defined in Item 1.



New Year’s Day

January 1

Memorial Day

Last Monday in May

Independence Day

July 4

Labor Day

First Monday in September

Thanksgiving Day

Fourth Thursday in November

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

December 24 or December 25

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