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Section 6: Final Requirements of Federal-Aid Projects

FHWA requires the below for reconciling of federal participating & non-participating funds. Refer to chapter 4 for the project records closeout checklist for all items required at closeout.

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DCO receives the Advance Completion Notice from the AO.


DCO schedules a final project inspection with the AO and EOR.


Perform the project inspection. Place inspection report/memo in FHWA file folder.

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Final Acceptance to Contractor

File the letter sent to the contractor accepting the project. Place accepted date(final) in critical dates in SiteManager.

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Material Certification Letter

Refer to Material and Test Divisions Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for Design Bid Build projects for more information. Material Certification Letters only need to be sent FHWA on TxDIP projects.

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Reconciliation of Federal Participating and Non-Participating Dollars

Finance Division uses SiteManager to reconcile Federal funds. All non-participating days and dollars need to be accounted for.

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