Chapter 1: Introduction


Section 1: Overview

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Purpose and Scope of Manual

This manual, developed for use on design-bid-build construction projects, provides policy for district staff on the elements required for successfully administering a contract.

Items 1-9 give the general requirements by which contractors must abide, and it is critical that district staff are familiar with and understand their roles in enforcing those requirements.

For design-build contracts, see the Design-Build Contract Administration Manual (internal access only).

For maintenance contracts, see the Maintenance Contract Manual (internal access only).

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Contract Administration

Contract administration is one of the most important jobs related to construction projects and involves numerous tasks occurring before and after contract execution and work order issuance. All work must be administered in accordance with the contract specifications, terms and conditions, state and federal laws and regulations, and Department policy.

Proper contract administration includes:

The department conducts its primary activities in 25 geographical districts. Differing local conditions make decentralization necessary. Each district, managed by a District Engineer (DE) is responsible for the planning, design, construction maintenance, and operation of the district transportation system. Local field offices within the district are known as area offices. The area office is managed by an Area Engineer (AE). The AE is the key individual on every construction project, and the contract's successful completion depends largely on his or her performance.

If the AE chooses to delegate parts of the day-to-day administration of the contract in accordance with the Department's Delegation of Signature Authority, the individual to whom responsibility is delegated must comply with those requirements assigned in this manual to the AE.

Divisions headquartered in Austin provide administrative and technical support to the districts. The Construction Division (CST) provides general oversight of the letting management and administration of highway construction contracts including:

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