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Section 7: Local Government Projects

The Local Government Projects Program provides guidance and training for local governments, including municipalities, counties, or regional mobility authorities in the development of transportation projects with Department oversight. The program addresses both federal and state requirements but does not address public transportation, aviation, or turnpike projects.

Local governments (LGs) are responsible to ensure all project requirements are met and, if federal funding is involved, are in compliance with advance funding agreement provisions. These projects allow LGs to administer a project and minimize the use of TxDOT resources.

For LG projects with federal-aid funding, the Department provides oversight to comply with federal requirements. The LG Projects Section maintains oversight guidance documents and checklists on the LG Projects webpage.

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All local entities are required to have an individual qualified by the Department in Local Government Project Procedures assigned to each project being performed through an Advanced Funding Agreement (AFA). Through its Local Government Project Procedures (LGPP) Qualification Program, the Department offers a course that trains and qualifies individuals to work on these projects. Anyone working directly on or overseeing local government projects including senior managers, project managers, consultants, and local government employees is encouraged to complete this training. The Department requires all “qualified” persons to successfully complete the LGPP qualification course at least once every three years.

The class takes a total of 12 hours and covers the following topics.

More information on the training requirements, qualified individuals, training calendar, and training registration form are available on the LG Project Procedures Training and Qualification webpage.

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