Section 2: Manual Description

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Use of this Manual

This manual, prepared by CST, provides DEs, Directors of Construction (DOCs), AEs, and their various representatives, including inspectors and record keepers, a representation of policies for administering construction contracts. This manual is only one of the components used to manage a successful construction contract. Other TxDOT resources include but are not limited to the following.

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How this Manual is Organized

This manual is organized into 17 chapters, as outlined in the following table.

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“Introduction” Provides a general overview of the purpose and scope of the manual.


“Pre-Award Activities” Provides guidance on pre-award activities such as competitive bid requirements, pre-bid questions and answers, addenda, and pre-bid conference.


“Post-Award Activities” Outlines press release information, legislative notification requirements, beginning of work, preconstruction meeting and reconstruction safety meeting, and partnering.


“Project Records and Closeout” Summarizes the importance of accurate records, Traffic Control Plan (TCP), project records, and project closeout.


“Control of the Work” Covers project authority, work documents, staking the project, inspections, and prime contractor performance evaluations.


“Control of Materials” Covers material management, testing, Buy America, and Buy Texas.


“Changes to the Contract” Covers changes to the contract, including processing of change orders, other contract agreements, contract termination, etc.


“Disputes and Claims” Outlines contract disputes and department claim process.


“Legal Relations and Responsibilities” Covers legal relations and responsibilities.


“Prosecution and Progress” Outlines project schedules, subcontracting, contract time, workday charges and time suspension, project timeliness, and default of contract.


“Measurement and Payment” Summarizes the measurement and payment process and outlines the importance of prompt pay.


“Environment” Provides insight into environmental issues such as hazardous material/waste handling, biological and water resources, cultural resource management, project-specific locations, and handling surplus materials.


“Health and Safety” Provides information on health and safety laws and contract requirements.


“Small Business Program” Provides an overview of the Department's Business Opportunity Programs.


“Contractor Workforce” Covers Contractor workforce items such as labor laws and On-the-Job Training (OJT).


“FHWA Oversight Requirements” Outlines FHWA oversight requirements including final inspection of federal-aid projects.


“Forms and Documents” Outlines various forms, document examples, and guidelines.

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General Information

Unless otherwise indicated in this manual or the Standard Specifications, a signature from an authorized signer is required for any crucial project changes and preferred for notifications.

Refer to the CPE Manual, chapter 2 section 6, for the process on accessing contractor signature authority.

The contractor sets their signature authority list when they qualify through the prequalification paperwork; it is an annual renewal and tracked by the CST Construction and Maintenance Contract Letting Section (CMCL). Should the contractor need to make a change to the list of authorized signers in the interim, there are three methods available:

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  1. Sending an email from the email address identified on their prequalification paperwork.
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  3. Signed letter from a current authorized signer on behalf of the contractor making the request for a new individual to be added/removed (can be scanned and emailed).
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  5. Legal documents enforcing an individual's ability to sign all documents on behalf of the contractor (can be scanned and emailed).

Requests are submitted by the contractor to one of the following:

by email: or

by mail: 125 E. 11th Street, Austin, TX 78701-2483

NOTE: CMCL only tracks full signature authority and only lists an individual that has the authority to sign any and all legal documents on behalf of the contractor. If there is any negotiable clause such as “for change orders” or “guardrail contracts”, then that person will not be added.

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Manual Update

This manual will be updated annually to reflect new changes and will continue to be improved.

Please submit any suggestions, comments, or questions to CST.

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