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Section 5: Preconstruction Safety Meeting

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Purpose of the Preconstruction Safety Meeting

The purpose of the safety pre-construction meeting is to discuss work zone safety with Department personnel, the contractor’s staff, law enforcement agencies, etc. This meeting should establish lines of authority and communication; determine the responsibilities and duties of contractor's personnel, subcontractors, and Department personnel; clarify potential sources of misunderstanding; and work out the detailed arrangements necessary for the safe and successful completion of the contract. Maintain a written record of the meeting (e.g., meeting minutes) in the contract file, together with any required documentation provided to resource agencies.

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Preconstruction Safety Meeting Responsibilities

The preconstruction safety meeting takes place immediately after the preconstruction conference.

Ensure meeting attendees include:

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Preconstruction Safety Meeting Agenda

Use the safety meeting agenda found in Form 2796, “Pre-Construction Conference – Agenda.” Prepare a preconstruction safety meeting agenda to discuss specific items. The following table is a list of discussion topics. Tailor the agenda to the specific project to ensure important topics are discussed with appropriate detail.

Anchor: #i1037535Preconstruction Safety Meeting Topics

Agenda Item



  • Welcome and introduction of those present.
  • Purpose of meeting: This meeting is in accordance with Department policy in order for personnel of the TxDOT, Contractor, Law enforcement agencies, etc., to discuss work zone safety.

Identity of Representatives

Identify the contractor’s representatives, subcontractors, engineer, law enforcement agencies, and other relevant parties giving name, address, and phone number.


Not included when safety meeting follows the preconstruction meeting.

Project Safety

  • Encourage continued focus on safety and to do even more to reduce/eliminate the tragic accidents that happen that have taken the lives of our transportation family members.
    • Trench safety
    • Fall protection
    • Confined spaces
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Overhead powerlines
  • Discuss TxDOT and Contractor best practices for safety
    • Blind spots, parking, material storage locations, etc.
  • Encourage partnership on the project to ensure work zone safety is our top priority.
  • Determine time, location, and frequency of Contractor’s Safety Meetings. Inspection staff is encouraged to attend.
  • Remind the contractor of the Contractor Evaluations, Form 2707.

Traffic Control Plan

  • Discuss each phase/milestone
  • Discuss limitations for construction work methods
  • Discuss the use of additional work zone safety devices (signs, pavement markings, trail blazing, additional police, message trailers, or speed trailers)
  • Identify the CRP and alternate (Section listed in Form 2795.
  • Discuss available and required trainings and Special Provision 007-011
    • Flagger certifications, etc.
  • Discuss width restriction for loads, Hurricane Evacuation Route, etc. (as applicable)

Storage of Equipment and Materials

  • Stress the importance of keeping traveled roadways clear.
    • Where to store materials, equipment, etc.
  • Stress the importance of clear zones.

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