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Section 3: Beginning of Work

CST’s Construction and Maintenance Contract Letting Section (CMCL) is responsible for executing the contract after award. CMCL will collect all bonds, insurances, and clearances prior to issuing the Authorization to Begin Work. CMCL will collect certificate of insurance (Form 1560, “Certificate of Insurance”) annually. CMCL will provide the contract documents to the contractor and the district.

In Accordance with Standard Specification Article 8.1, “Prosecution of Work”, Begin work within 30 days (7 calendar days for routine maintenance contracts) after authorization date to begin work. Time charges can begin on the date of the Authorization or as determined by specifications. The district may credit or charge time, depending on the contract requirements or other circumstances. Time charges may begin prior to work begin. When work begins, the Area Office (AO) will notify the District Construction Office (DCO).

When CST executes the contract, the Authorization to Begin Work date is automatically written into SiteManager. Refer to the SiteManager Contract Administration User Manual and SiteManager Materials Management Manual for more information regarding activation of the project in SiteManager.

In accordance with Article 3.8, “Beginning of Work,” the contractor is not to begin work until authorized in writing by the Engineer. Do not allow the contractor to begin work until the Construction Division (CST) sends the “Authorization to Begin Work.”

In contracts with callout work and work orders, the contractor is required to begin work in accordance with the contract or as specified in each work order. Verify in the contract whether a special provision allows for a later start.

Refer to the online manual in Crossroads for Standard Specification Item 8 direction on the process to begin work and direction on subcontractor approvals.

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